Trust in us to deliver the highest quality solar solutions at the guaranteed best price with free delivery and free 30-day returns! Call or Text us every day at +1 (857) 201-0530.
Trust in us to deliver the highest quality solar solutions at the guaranteed best price with free delivery and free 30-day returns! Call or Text us every day at +1 (857) 201-0530.
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Jackery Explorer 1000

by Jackery
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Introducing The Jackery Explorer 1000

The Jackery 1,000 is no longer supported, so head on over and check out the Explorer 1000 Pro!

Introducing the Jackery Explorer 1000, your ultimate power companion for thrilling adventures! Packed with a colossal 1002Wh capacity, this portable power station unleashes boundless energy to keep your devices charged and your escapades electrifying, making it a must-have for every thrill-seeker and outdoor enthusiast!

  • 1002Wh Capacity, 1000W (2000W Surge Power) Output 
  • Supports 8 Devices Simultaneously
  • 3 Ways to Recharge
  • Safe and Easy to Use
  • Long Battery Standby
  • Shock and Fire Resistance
  • Compact and Portable
  • 2-Year Warranty

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Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station charges eight devices simultaneously. Featuring a battery capacity of 1002Wh, the portable power station is suitable for charging all devices during camping and power outages. Excellent features of the Explorer 1000 power station include three standard pure sine wave AC outlets, compact design, MPPT charge controller, and an industrial-grade quiet power station.

Featured SummaryFeatured Summary

Large Battery Capacity Charging 8 Devices

jackery appliance scene

Equipped with multiple ports, including two USB-C, two USB, three pure sine wave AC outlets, and one DC car port, the portable power station can charge appliances including computers, cameras, CPAP machines, electric grills and more. The Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station offers immense solar power for home emergency backups or RV trips.



2.5 H

Space Heater

Space Heater(350W)

2.5 H

Ice Shaver

Ice Shaver(700W)

1.2 H

Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker(550W)

1.5 H



1.3 H



1.2 H



1 H


3 Ways to Recharge Easily

Solar Charging 8 Hrs

Wall Charging 7 Hrs

Car Charging 14 Hrs

Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station supports different charging methods: wall charging, solar charging, and car outlet. The pass-through charging feature of the power station allows you to charge devices while plugging in the power station to the charging spot.

Up to 5 Years of Battery Life

The exclusive recharging algorithm ensures that 80% of battery capacity remains, even after 800 charging cycles. That means you can enjoy clean and green energy for years to come.

All-Round Safety with Excellent BMS

The built-in intelligent battery management system technology provides protection against overvoltage, high temperature and short circuits. The first-rate lithium battery offers reliable charging to power multiple devices.

Lightweight and Portable

Robust and Durable

Besides the efficient solar charging capability of the solar power station, it is known for its high durability. Built with the best 94V-0 fire rating fireproof material, the product can sustain severe damage.

Low Carbon Living With Jackery

With Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station, you can access green renewable energy by teaming up with solar panels. It is a 100% clean energy source that emits no fumes or gas, making it ideal for indoors, outdoors, or off-grid living.

2 Years Guarantee

Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station comes with two years of warranty that offers extra peace of mind to the buyer.

Tech Specs


Capacity: 1,002Wh
Cell Chemistry: Lithium-ion
Cycle life: 1000 cycles to 80%+ capacity
Management System: BMS, Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection


AC Output(x3): 120V, 60Hz, 1000W (2000W Peak)
USB-A Output(x2): Quick Charge 3.0x2, 18W Max
USB-C Output(x2): 100W Max, (5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V up to 5A)
Car Port(x1): 12V⎓10A
AC Input: 120V, 60Hz, 15A Max
DC Input: 12V-17.5V⎓8A Max, Double to 16A Max 17.5V-60V⎓11A, Double to 22A/800W Max


Weight: 25.4lbs(11.5kg)
Height: 13.39in(34cm)
Width: 10.32in(26.2cm)
Depth: 10.06in(25.5cm)
Charging Time (0-100%)
AC Adapter: 1.8 Hours
Car Adapter(12V): 5.44 Hours
Solar Panel: 4 x SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel: 1.8 Hours 2 x SolarSaga 80W Solar Panel: 9 Hours


Warranty: 2 Years
Operating Usage Temperature: 14-104F (-10-40℃)

Solar Panel Combination

Solar Saga 80: Up to 12 Pcs (with 2 solar connectors)
Solar Saga 100: Up to 4 Pcs (with 2 solar connectors)
Solar Saga 200: Up to 4 Pcs (with 2 solar connectors)
AC/DC Adapter*1
Car Charger Cable*1
Solar Charge Adapter*1
User Manual*1

Embrace off-grid portable living and secure your Jackery Solar Generator Today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
David Garman
8 Months daily use

I have waited 8 months to write this review. Last year I took took two Jackery 240's and two 60 watt foldable Jackery panels to friends in Haiti. It was the most simple and efficient way I could think of to bring electricity to provide for the very basic need of charging cell phones and laptops, night time lighting, and power a small fan on hot nights. Seems these are targeted at occasional "camping trips" so I was unsure how they would do with the rigger of EVERYDAY usage. ....after 8 months here is my report - the batteries are still performing perfectly and have been absolutely life changing. The Jackery panels both failed after 3 months of daily use but were easily replaced by rigid standard panels.

Harry Hager
Our event in Texas

Recently we had an outdoor event at my son's ranch here in Texas. We ran the entire sound system for about six hours from the Jackery Explorer 1000 with solar panels deployed. At the end of the event, we still had a 99% charge. Very impressive!

Worked during Hurrican Ian

Had to use my new Explorer 1000 during power outage in hurricane Ian in Florida. I used it to power both my upright. Freezer and refrigerator in the home. Saved me from losing my food. When my power came back on after 1 day I loaned it to my parents to power their fridge for 5 days. . Would just pick daily and recharge in my house and take it back to them We need another jackery in this family!

This thing is legit

I picked up the 1000 explorer to use camping and its delivered on 12+ Weekend trips. Paired with a 175w flex panel, I am able to power a 35 L cooler nonstop, Joolca hot tap system (water pump), charge several phones, and power market lights in the evening. After 24 hours I can keep the explorer between 50 and 80% without running the car to charge it. This thing is legit.

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