Trust in us to deliver the highest quality solar solutions at the guaranteed best price with free delivery and free 30-day returns! Call or Text us every day at +1 (857) 201-0530.
Trust in us to deliver the highest quality solar solutions at the guaranteed best price with free delivery and free 30-day returns! Call or Text us every day at +1 (857) 201-0530.
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Anker SOLIX F1200 Solar Generator (Solar Generator 757 with 2x 100W Solar Panel)

by Anker

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Introducing the Anker SOLIX F1200 Solar Generator (Solar Generator 757 with 2x 100W Solar Panel): Harness the Power of the Sun!

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Unlock the potential of solar energy with the Anker SOLIX Solar Generator 757. This exceptional solar generator combines the reliable PowerHouse with a pair of high-performance 100W solar panels. It provides you with a sustainable and portable power solution to keep you powered up wherever you go (Read more below).

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Anker SOLIX F1200 Solar Generator (Solar Generator 757 with 2x 100W Solar Panel) Description

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With the PowerHouse's robust 1229Wh capacity, you'll have a dependable power source to keep your essential devices and appliances running smoothly. From smartphones and tablets to laptops and small appliances, rely on the Solar Generator 757 to deliver continuous and reliable power, whether you're on a camping trip, exploring the great outdoors, or facing a power outage.

The two included 100W solar panels are designed to capture maximum sunlight and efficiently convert it into usable energy. With their advanced solar cells, these panels generate ample power to keep your devices charged and ready for use. Embrace the freedom of renewable energy and reduce your carbon footprint while staying connected.

Setting up the Anker SOLIX Solar Generator 757 is a breeze. The user-friendly control panel allows you to monitor your power usage, check battery levels, and control the charging process effortlessly. With multiple charging options, including AC, car, and solar, you have the flexibility to recharge the PowerHouse wherever and whenever you need it.

Safety and durability are paramount in the design of the Anker SOLIX Solar Generator 757. Built with advanced protection mechanisms, it safeguards against overcharging, short circuits, and overheating, ensuring both your safety and the longevity of your devices.

Anker is a trusted brand known for its quality and innovation. The SOLIX Solar Generator 757 exemplifies their commitment to delivering reliable and efficient power solutions in a compact and portable package.

Don't let power limitations hold you back. Embrace the power of the sun with the Anker SOLIX Solar Generator 757 and its two 100W solar panels. Experience the freedom and convenience of renewable energy. Order yours today and stay powered up wherever your adventures take you!


  • 6x Longer-Lasting: Rated to provide 3,000 battery cycles with premium LPF (LiFePO4) batteries and extends the battery lifespan by 6x more than the standard lithium-iron batteries, so you're always ready for any adventure.
  • Unprecedented 10-Year Lifespan: Instead of 2 years, 757 Portable Power Station lets you power your devices everyday for 10 years. It also comes with an exclusive 5-year full device warranty for a guaranteed, worry-free experience.
  • Exceptionally Fast Recharge: Instead of taking 5.6 hours, recharge to 80% in just 1 hour with our industry-leading technology, HyperFlash.
  • 13 Ports for All: The power station has all the ports you need to charge your devices and appliances. It is equipped with 6 AC ports, 4 USB-A ports, 2 USB-C ports, and a car outlet. With a fast-charging 100W USB-C port, get rid of bulky adapters and charge your laptop at fast speeds via a single cable.
  • Ultra-Powerful Capacity: With a 1229Wh capacity and 1500 wattage, this PowerHouse is an ideal solution to power all your essential devices and appliances during a trip, such as an electric grill, coffee maker, refrigerator, and more.
  • What You Get: Anker 757 Portable Power Station (PowerHouse 1229Wh with Solar Panels 2*100W) bundle which includes: Anker 757 Portable Power Station (PowerHouse 1229Wh) and 2x Anker 625 Solar Panel (100W), AC charging cable, car charging cable, solar charging cable, welcome guide, XT-60 To DC7909 connector, and our friendly customer service.

Technical Specs of 757 Powerhouse:

  • Capacity: 1229Wh
  • AC Output: 1500W (Pure Sine Wave)
  • AC Power Surge: 2400W
  • USB-A Output: 4 x 12W
  • USB-C Output: 1 x 100W / 1 x 60W
  • Car Socket Output: 120W
  • AC Input: 1000W
  • Recharge Time: 1 Hour to 80%, 1.5 Hours to 100%
  • Solar Panel Input: 300W Max
  • Solar Recharge Time: 3.6+ Hour to 80%
  • Net Weight: 19.9 kg / 43.9 lb
  • Dimensions: 463 x 288 x 237 mm / 18.2 x 11.3 x 9.3 in
  • Discharge Temperature: -20 - 40°C / -4 - 104°F
  • Charge Temperature: 0 - 40°C / 32 - 104°F

Technical Specs of Anker 625 Solar Panel (100W):

  • Cell Efficiency: 23%
  • Net Weight: 11 lb / 5 kg
  • Product Dimensions (Folded): 20.7 x 18.5 x 3.4 in / 525 x 470 x 85 mm
  • Product Dimensions (Unfolded): 56.9 x 20.7 x 1.8 in / 1446 x 525 x 45 mm
  • XT60 Output: 100W/USB-C Output: 15W/USB-A Output: 12W/USB-A and USB-C Total Output: 15W Max
  • Operating Temperature: -4°F-140°F / -20°C-60°C

Order yours today and experience the convenience and freedom of portable solar energy!

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