Trust in us to deliver the highest quality solar solutions at the guaranteed best price with free delivery and free 30-day returns! Call or Text us every day at +1 (857) 201-0530.
Trust in us to deliver the highest quality solar solutions at the guaranteed best price with free delivery and free 30-day returns! Call or Text us every day at +1 (857) 201-0530.
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Introducing the BLUETTI EP900 + B500 Home Battery Backup - Your Reliable Power Solution.

The BLUETTI EP900 + B500 Home Battery Backup is designed to provide you with a robust and dependable power source for your home. With a capacity and output of 9,920Wh and 7600W (2x B500) to 19,840Wh and 9000W (4 B500), it's more than capable of powering every inch of your home including your 120V/240V devices. Use the included Reliance Sub Panel to connect directly to your home's circuit panel for immediate backup power!

Power When You Need It

Whether you're looking for backup power during outages or seeking to reduce your reliance on the grid, the BLUETTI EP900 + B500 has you covered. It offers a reliable and sustainable energy solution for your home, ensuring your essential devices and appliances stay powered.

Scalable Capacity

Adaptability is a hallmark feature of this home battery backup. You have the option to expand its capacity, making it even more versatile. With the potential to scale up to an impressive 19,840Wh, this system can grow with your evolving energy needs.

Exceptional Warranty Coverage

Your investment is safeguarded with the BLUETTI EP900 + B500, which comes with a reassuring 10-year warranty. This extensive warranty not only speaks to the product's quality but also provides peace of mind knowing that you have long-term support.

Bluetti EP900 + B500 Quick View

  • Whopping ability - for up to 9,000W, 120V/240V devices
  • Expandable capacity - 9,920Wh~19,840Wh
  • Industry-leading warranty - 10-year coverage
  • Unparalleled safety - LiFePO₄ battery
  • Perfect compatibility - works with existing/new solar system
  • IP65 Water-resistant - in/outdoor installation
  • Efficient & effective - sell electricity back to the grid

Experience True Energy Independence 

Harness and store solar power for on-demand use. Whether you want to avoid high energy bills during peak hours, protect yourself against potential energy price hikes, or prepare for a power outage when utility power is unavailable, you can rely on the EP900&B500 Energy Storage System to keep your essential appliances running smoothly. Moreover, you can sell any excess energy back to the grid, making your energy consumption more efficient and cost-effective.

Design A System That's Right For You

With an impressive 10-20kWh capacity, up to 9,000W of power, and the capability to run both 120V and 240V devices, the EP900 can accommodate your daily needs effortlessly.

Superpower For Heavy-duty Work

The EP900 has a 9kW inverter that provides either 120V or 240V output options, making it suitable for high-wattage appliances - like power tools in small business and residential scenarios. Combine two EP900 units in parallel to reach as much as 18kW output, enough to power the whole house without any fuss.

100% Modular Design, More Possibilities

Modularity is how flexible it is to customize your battery to meet changes in your home's energy requirements. EP900 allows you to incrementally increase your battery capacity of up to 19.8kWh (39.6kWh for two EP900s) as your home's energy needs grow over time.

Spare You A World of Hassle

The EP900 system adopts the most pioneering technology and the safest LiFePO4 battery for optimal performance. It also provides an unprecedented 10-year warranty and certified installation services (optional), giving you the most convenient, worry-free, and reliable home backup power in all directions.

Bluetti EP900 + B500 Overview

Invest in Energy Independence

With the BLUETTI EP900 + B500 Home Battery Backup, you're investing in energy independence. It's a smart choice for ensuring a steady power supply, reducing your carbon footprint, and enhancing your overall energy resilience. Make the decision to embrace a brighter, more sustainable energy future - click "Buy Now" and experience the benefits of this reliable home battery backup.

EP900 Specifications


Scalability: With 2~4 B500's (From 9.9KWh~19.8KWh) App Control: BLUETTI APP via WiFi or Bluetooth Warranty: 10 Years Protection Grade: IP65 Noise: ≤50 dB (A) Working Temperature: -4℉~122℉ / -20℃~50℃ Relative Humidity: 5%~95%

AC (Grid-Tied)

Output Power (240V)9kW Wiring: L1 / L2 / N / G Voltage: 120VAC / 240VAC Output Current: 37.5A × 2 Input Frequency: 60Hz On and Off-grid Switching Time: <10ms Protection: Anti-islanding Protection, Output Overcurrent Protection, Short-circuit Protection, Over-temperature Derating, Over-temperature Shutdown
Note: The PV system is installed on the battery side and has no residual current detection.

AC (Off-Grid)

Output Power (240V): 9kW Note: 7.6kW with 2 B500 Output Voltage: 120VAC / 240VAC Output Current: 37.5A × 2 Input Frequency: 60Hz Protection: Output Overcurrent Protection, Output Short-circuit Protection, Over Temperature Protection

PV Input

Maximum Input Power: 9kW with 4 B500, 7.5kW with 3 B500, 5kW with 2 B500 MPPT Channels: 2 (3000W + 6000W) Array In Series: 1/2 (3000W + 6000W) Maximum Input Voltage: 550V MPPT Voltage Range / Rated: 150V~500V / 360V Single MPPT Maximum Input Current: 12.5A / 25A Single MPPT Maximum short circuit current: 15A/30A MPPT Efficiency: 99.90% PV Inversion Efficiency: 97.0% Max. Protection: Reverse Polarity Protection, Insulation Resistance Detection, Arcing Detection


NEMA 4X, CA65, FCC, IC, UL1741, IEC62619, IEC60529, IEC60730-1, UL9540 (EP900+B500)

Packaging List

EP900 inverter: x 1
Sub Panel (Reliance): x 1
Bracket #1: x 2
Bracket #2: x 2

M5 hex nut: x 2

Plastic cover (PV): x 1

Plastic cover (AC, with label): x 1

Cord organizer: x 2

AC cable protection case: x 1

Plastic housing (PV+ Input), Metal core (PV+ Input): x 2

Plastic housing (PV- Input), Metal core (PV- Input): x 2

MC4 wrench: x 1

Black protection cover (BAT- Input) (Pre-installed on EP900 inverter): x 1

Red protection cover (BAT+ Input) (Pre-installed on EP900 inverter): x 1

M4*12 screw (8 for BAT+/- protection cover, 6 for AC cable protection case, pre- installed on EP900 inverter)x 14

M8*12 screw (For battery power cable): x 2

M6*12 screw (For bracket, pre-installed on EP900 inverter): x 2

M5*10 screw (4 for fixing device to the bracket, 2 for PV grounding): x 6

M4*10 screw (For exterior trim): x 10

M8*60 expansion boltx 2

RNB8-6S OT terminal (AC): x 9

RNB3.5-5S OT terminal (PV Grounding): x 3

Red battery power cable (Positive): x 1

Black battery power cable (Negative): x 1

IoT Controller: x 1

Mounting bracket (IoT controller/Grid communication module): x 1

Grid communication module: x 1

Expansion wall plug: x 2

M3 tapping screw (KA3*25): x 2

CT signal cable (4m): x 1
DRMs+COM signal cable (4m): x 1

M20-6 PIN adapter: x 2

CTx 2

Self-tapping screw M8*40: x 2

B500 General

Protection Grade: IP65 Noise: <25dB Operating Temperature: Charging: 32℉~104℉ / 0℃~40℃ Storage Temperature: -4℉~104℉ / -20℃~40℃/ At least one charge cycle per month. 32℉~95℉/ 0℃~35℃ / At least one charge cycle every six months. Working Humidity: 5%-95% Working Altitude: <2000m

B500 Battery

Battery Type: Lithium Iron Phosphate Cells (LiFePO4) Rated Capacity: 4960Wh Usable Capacity: 4464Wh Temperature Adaptive Function: Yes Short-circuit Protection: Yes


UL9540A, UL1973, UKCA, RCM, PSE, IP65, ICES, FCC, CE, CB

Packaging List

B500 Battery Module: x 1 Bracket #1: x 2 Bracket #2: x 2 M5 hex nut: x 2 Self-tapping screw M8*40: x 2 Left cover: x 1 Right cover: x 1 M4*8 screw: x 10 M5*10 screw: x 4 Red battery expansion cable (Positive): x 1 Black battery expansion cable (Negative): x 1 Communication cable: x 1 Grounding cablex 1 M8*60 expansion bolt: x 2 M6*12 screw (Grounding cable): x 2 Spare screws: x 1


Q1: How much power can the EP900 provide?
A1: EP900 can provide up to 9kW output. Please note that when you combine 1 EP900 and 2 B500 units, the system can only provide a maximum of 7.6kW of power.

Q2: What is the battery life of the EP900? A2: Based on the battery's throughput, we guarantee a minimum of 15.48MWh per battery pack.
Q3: What is the noise level of the EP900? A3: Less than 50dB.
Q4: What is the maximum solar input of EP900? A4: It depends on how many B500 battery packs you connect to it. Numbers of B500 Battery Packs Max. solar Input 6,000W 2 9,000W 3/4
Q5: How can I recharge the EP900?
A5: You can recharge it via your rooftop solar panels or home grid.
Q6: Can I charge the EP900 via solar and grid power simultaneously? A6: Yes, the EP900 accepts both solar and grid power simultaneously, with a maximum input of 9kW. Note that the system always prioritizes charging with solar energy.
Q7: If I already have a solar system and inverter at home, can I use them together with the EP900? A7: Yes, you can. Please provide us with the power and voltage details of your current system so we can help you plan a suitable installation.

Q8: Can the EP900 prioritize solar power usage?
A8: Yes, the EP900 comes with an intelligent energy management system that allows you to set charging and discharging times, as well as the SoC limits, to maximize the use of solar energy and minimize your electricity bills.
Q9: How many MPPT channels does the EP900 have, and how many solar panels can be connected to it?
A9: The EP900 has dual MPPT controllers that can handle up to 3,000W and 6,000W of solar input separately. To determine how many solar panels you need, refer to the full specifications of the panels. Each MPPT channel of the EP900 supports a voltage range of 150V-500V and a maximum working current of 12.5A.

Q10: Can I program the EP900 to charge and discharge according to my energy usage patterns and needs?
A10: Yes, you can set a charging and discharging schedule in the BLUETTI App.

Q11: Is it possible to add additional battery packs to the EP900 after it has been installed?
A11: Yes, but additional installation fees may apply. We recommend that you plan in advance for all your power needs.

Q12: Can I control the EP900 via the App?
A12: Yes, with the BLUETTI App, you can control and monitor your EP900 from anywhere, anytime.

Q13: Will the failure of the EP900 affect the normal supply of my home?
A13: No, the system comes with a maintenance switch that can be manually triggered to switch back to grid power.

Q14: Can the EP900 be used with battery packs other than the B500, such as the B300, B300S, or B230?
A14: No, the EP900 only accepts B500 battery packs now.

Q15: What's the power consumption in standby mode?
A15: It's about 50 watts.

Q16: Does it have an energy-saving ECO function?
A16: Yes, you can enable ECO mode in the BLUETTI App.

Q17: What is the switching time for the UPS feature?
A17: In 10ms.

Q18: Do I need to purchase any additional accessories or components to install the EP900?
A18: Possibly, it depends on your specific installation requirements. Please consult with your installer for more details.

Q19: What is the weight capacity of each unit?
A19: The B500 battery pack can support a weight of over 441 lbs/200kg, allowing you to stack up to 4 battery packs or 3 battery packs with an EP900 unit. And this won't affect heat dissipation.

Q20: Is it necessary to ground the EP900 unit?
A20: Yes, grounding the EP900 unit is necessary for safety reasons and to ensure proper functionality.

Q21: Can the EP900 charge electric cars?
A21: Yes
Q22: Is the EP900 a hybrid system?
A22: Yes.
Q23: Can I install the EP900 unit by myself?
A23: No, the system should be installed by a licensed electrician, and we highly recommend our authorized installers.

Q24: Can the EP900 be used as backup power for medical equipment?
A24: No, the EP900 is intended for home use only.

Q25: How can I check the operation status of the EP900?
A25: You can check the basic system information from the EP900's indicators, and learn more on the App.

Q26: Are the EP900 and B500 waterproof and dustproof?
A26: They have an IP65 rating to protect them from water-resistant and dust.

Q27: What kind of warranty do the EP900 and B500 come with?
A27: The EP900 unit and B500 battery pack come with a 10-year warranty, while consumable accessories such as fans and WiFi modules have a 3-year warranty. Paid maintenance is available after the warranty period expires.

Q28: What should I do if there are quality issues during the warranty period?
A28: Simply submit a maintenance request on the BLUETTI App, providing a brief description of the issue, your address, and contact information. Our team will contact you and arrange an on-site inspection and maintenance.

Q29: Does BLUETTI offer product liability insurance for its products?
A29: Yes, we have purchased third-party product liability insurance worldwide.

Q30: Is the EP900 risky or prone to catching fire?
A30: The EP900 is designed to prioritize safety and reliability. However, it's essential to take certain precautions to maintain its longevity. Please keep the device away from heat sources like heaters and fire, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight, and prevent severe impacts or contact with chemicals. Please note that any accidents resulting from these situations are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Invest in Energy Independence

With the BLUETTI EP900 + B500 Home Battery Backup, you're investing in energy independence. It's a smart choice for ensuring a steady power supply, reducing your carbon footprint, and enhancing your overall energy resilience. Make the decision to embrace a brighter, more sustainable energy future - click "Buy Now" and experience the benefits of this reliable home battery backup.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kevin R

Great addition to my existing Solar Home.

Burt B
Perfect for home backup

Bought the EP900 + 3*B500 for our home in Costa Rica. We experience plenty of blackouts especially during the rainy season where trees are often known to fall and break a power line. The .10s transfer makes it completely unnoticeable when the power outage occurs. Tied to my solar panels I can virtually be off grid with this system and minimizing my utility bills. Living a distance away from many stores, it is important to keep my fridge/freezer continuously with power as we do not go grocery shopping often so we must buy in bulk and store in our fridge/freezer. The design is exquisite/sexy and the inverter and batteries have a generous warranty and lifecycles. I am impressed with having LiFePO4 batteries that are safer and longer lasting